Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning

Production: Franz Keller
BPM: 142

best watch out cause i'm a digital criminal
subliminal mind games, are kept to a minimal
but when you see me it'll never be physical
i'm peepin the bytes that you might find critial
back in school i was the one to riducule
see it through my eyes, and find yourself bitter too
severing all ties, so they can never get at you
a series of tubes, F5, start my life anew

bend over here it comes again

and like my panasonic Q i've got no regions
and hackin is a sport that ain't got seasons
so when your life's scrapped and you're dry heaving
the nerds around the world say WE ARE LEGION
no reason to tack the fee's on
the microtransactions are hackin all my cash gone
bringin more bling than half of exxon
BOHICA becomes the brand new lexicon