Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning

5. Earth Defense Force
Production: DJ Snyder
BPM: 97

BLAM MOTHERFUCKER let me give you a taste
i'm killin your d00ds, d00d i'm takin your base
40 foot ants man? damn that's a waste
rocket launcher grandstands your motherfuckin face

roll into town AKs, my squad
ufo's comin at us they gonna meet god
droppin from pods and it aint no joke
so smoke em if ya got em, it's time to provoke
spiders in the nest, bigger than a tank
bout 40 or 50, goin in point blank
and all i got on me, grenades and a shank
toss some propane in, and just call me hank
who ya gonna thank? it's the edf crew
poppin caps in ya bugs, you know how we do
pale wing where ya at, rock dat jet pack
your lasers on point so commence the attack
we're takin heavy flak best get my back
hand me that new .22 straight off the rack
i dont fight for the fame, medals, plaques
i'm fightin for earth with every ant head i crack

it's like BLAM BLAM whatchoo think i'm fuckin around?
GOD DAMN all ya be kissin the ground
no building is safe when we hitting your town
it's like AW MAN when you see your house goin down
into a million little pieces when i fire my gat
gonna have to relax i got a permit for that
i know the skyline looks a little bit flat
but if you'll excuse me, i got more bugs to splat
oh shit it's the spiders, watch out for the spray
the sticky icky fluids a weaponized bukkake
20 blasts later, i'm standin over my prey
got my missle launcher nobody that can stop me
fightin our way through every monster movie cliche
from the towers into the streets of bombay
mayhem and chaos are just par for the coarse
sit back and relax it's the earth defense force