Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning

9. Endsville is Burning (better to be bitter)
Production: Psychopathik Beatz
BPM: 88

one more time, that's one time too many
better to be bitter believe me, got plenty
any time you reach me, never try to preach glee
far beyond jaded by the time i was twenty
my enemies are speech, and failure to cope
i say to each and every one of you, fuck hope
a lesson to be learned dooms me always to return
and following my history, always to be spurned
why not just get the rope attach the scope, go out and take a final stand
you hear me universe? it's you verses me, reverse my chi, tell me do you understand?
i'm sick of your shit that you're passing off as wit
perpetual joke to do to me as you see fit
but i keep spitting, i ain't quitting
take away my arms and i'll find a way to keep hitting

no kidding, it's one thing into the other
been shot down more than charlie brown, oh bother
i relate more to eeyore
say i should not dwell on the pain, yo man, what for
it's just fanning the flames, and so before
your're claiming that it's a shame, and try to implore, explore, open up the next door
checkin out the first floor, yo hold up, hold up
tell you what, i'll be a little bit frank
wanna get on the road to my heart? better bring tanks
and if you think i'm falling apart, i'm gonna pull rank
you'd really have a better chance breaking into swiss (swiss) banks (banks)
thanks for the concern, but endsville still burns
gonna raze it to the ground, till i fill the biggest urn
still i yearn, and wonder if i can return

previal in spite of what i feel inside in my chest
yes yes, it just might be that i'll never know best
i never get rest, i still put up a fight or three so nonetheless
i'll never be a tight MC, so you can second guess this jest
that if you think you know, or think that you can see
i'm wearing this mask because you cannnot handle me
taking you to task until i see you feel the heat
all i ask is for history not to repeat
all these one way streets, and crushing defeats
please please just be discrete,
should i resume pursuit to access /root/?
been shut down so long that i think the points moot
the hard disc of my heart, well it just won't, won't, won't boot

and maybe it has always been
stuck on the outside, just looking in