Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning

2. Interactive Entertainment
Production: Clockwork Beats BPM: 94

jaded, sick, and only 26
20 years later and it's come to this
4th quarter christmas, very little interest
convinced hits now register as mere blips
quips on the box that signify a sinking ship
radar is set to those that slip below this
tell me that it's niche, i fall into it's grips
aestheticly pathetic yet somehow it's bringing bliss
and i miss the times past when a game could last
for days and weeks on end cause i had no cash
playin with geeks and friends and rockin Road Rash
now every sleek game is a motherfuckin rehash
to be trash, and no, it's not even worth the .iso
and certainly not cash, unless it's like 5 bucks (ohhh)
that kind of sin always seems to be a vice though
forget the new Madden get yourself some Mad Maestro

interactive entertainment
it's impact you can't contain it

encroached in feature creep, you get no sleep
90 hour weeks, wishing you could just count sheep
its no small feat, to eradicate and tweak
normal mapping code that makes mortal men weep
you're knee deep in the source and there's no end in sight
the months pass and you wonder when you'll see the sunlight
thats alright, is all that you can mumble to yourself
you'll go through hell just to get that box up on the shelf
you delve deeper on the forums to please the fanbase
plead your case, but complaints are all you face
you wasted all that time defending your position
against the mental midgets and braindead little kid threats
and no rest, though the ever lasting crunch time,
chained to the cubicule, another pizza lunch time
oh my, whats this, you say it's gone gold?
for your sake lets hope it's the greatest story ever told

interactive entertainment it's impact you can't contain it

your critisism seeks to malign the industry
an axe to grind, but not until the greens recieved
exploit those who grieve
serving only your needs, abusing your law degree
to scream like a banshee everytime that you're on my tv
cause all the poor parents still pleading not guilty
and thats weak, take responsibilty for turning your kids to sheep
there's a direct causal link inbetween the checks you cash
and the fact that you're still talkin out your ass
and that's little crass,
but it seems you just harass because half your life has passed
not surprised cause that happens all the time
parents have been bitchin since 1959
it's the 7th generation, more than 30 years
and in my estimation, the end is nowhere near motherfucker

dont get caught up in your lies
cause we're all just pixelante's
dont get caught up in your lies
yes we're all just pixelante's
they are just games
they are just games
every generation needs something to blame
they are just games
they are just games
music and movies have suffered the same