Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning

8. Push (feat. T.Y.T)
Production: Rapitfly Beats
BPM: 140

note: TYTs lyrics have been lost to the sands of time

you're doomed to mediocrity
like EA's buying stock in the
idea's you got they been sold and bought
welcome to sequelolopy
this mockery of your property
quite possibly, idiocracy
so properly i'm coppin Z's
to formulate hypothises
i'm crotchety, like archie bunkers colonostomy
your top degree well i guarantee
is useful as a block of cheese
no stoppin me, when i'm all up in your area
to spread the sickness, with the quickness
of vector-borne malaria

i master judo throws like segata sanshiro
and shirow is who i go to as a fan of motoko
want to fuckin test me? lets go
see you at the chess meet. 1st row
better keep yo neck straight
trekkin d8
motherfucking check mate, oh no
you're just delayin the slayin
i rock art deco with marc echo
while you're colorin crayons
you're display your dismay and note
the votes have been weighed in
it's attack slug and TYT
but thank you for playin